The Power of 5 was a good wakeup call for me. I realized that not everything I do should be on my to-do list or scheduled into my Google calendar weeks in advance. Oftentimes, it’s the unplanned moments — coffee with a friend, running into an old professor on the Diag or going to see a movie on a Tuesday night — that make your undergrad experience. I’m sure years down the road I won’t be reminiscing about how I finished a 10-page paper a few days early or how great it felt to power through a difficult reading. Rather, I’ll remember these special moments that I share in passing. One of my favorite childhood characters, Winnie the Pooh, said, “Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Cheesy or not, these past few weeks I remembered to appreciate the smaller things, because they often slip by before you can enjoy them.

So, I challenge you, next time you’re walking through the Diag to class, or sitting down next to someone new in lecture, say hello, smile, introduce yourself. You never know the change you might start.

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Power of 10

I was buying my lunch today at oasis grill, someone handed me 10 bucks and the power of 5 flyer and wanted to buy me lunch. I read the flyer and then I asked: “It says 5 bucks, then what about the changes? ” He replied immediately:”Then you need to change.”

I keep thinking about this until now, his words really speaks to me. I will pass this along. 

The Cupcake


After pulling an all nighter and completing an exam, turning in a 20 page lab report and two homework assignments, I decided to stop by Mujo on north campus and treat myself to a red velvet cupcake.  The barista gave it to me for free and handed me a “power of 5”.  I was inspired to keep on giving.  

The real power of 5

So at first I was kind of nervous to approach somebody and just buy them a drink or pay for their food or whatever. I had the envelope and the five dollars clutched in my hand in my pocket all day as I saw opportunities pass me by, whether it was at the UGLi, Beansters, or Ugos. Finally at the end of the day I decided I was just going to approach someone and ask if I could pay for their stuff. A girl was at the Blue Apple waiting on a smoothie and I approached her and asked if I could pay for it. She looked shocked as she asked, “Are you serious?” I just nodded and smiled and gave her the five dollars and Power of 5 card. I said have a nice day and walked away. I couldn’t stop smiling! The girl who I gave the money to seemed so pleased and it made me feel so happy! Since then I’ve noticed myself holding doors open for people, smiling at strangers, saying more please and thank you’s to my fellow wolverines. The Power of 5 is a great experiment, I encourage everyone to participate!